It´s all about WINE in Norway

We teach and write about wine
Through our wine courses and articles we have a powerful tool to inform the consumers about your products without getting in conflict with the rules and regulations of the market. All our lecturers are trained sommeliers and members of Norwegian Union of Sommeliers.

All the wines used in our lectures and articles are especially selected in order to ensure your and our products integrity.

You are welcome to contact us with information about your wines, but we do not accept any wine samples sent to us without pre-approval! Please note that all our websites are 100% independent. Any mention or recommendation of wines is purely through personal choice for reasons of merit and interest.
In Vino Veritas is a renowned supplier of wine experiences and our international partners are very satisfied with our cooperation. Our websites and articles are highly ranked in Google and other search engines.





















In Vino Veritas

Our goal is to bring the joy of wine to business clients and private consumers through tastings.

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Magasinet Vinofil

Online magazine about wine in Norwegian. 8000 visitors a week. Host of large tasting for private consumers in Oslo

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Finansavisen is a Norwegian business newspaper with six weekly issues and published in Oslo by Hegnar Media. 87.000 readers It was established in 1992 We deliver all wine related articles for the magazine.

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Norways oldest and largest magazine for restaurant, hotel and catering. 12000 copies each month, 50000 readers. We deliver all wine related articles for the magazine.

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Dine Penger

Norways most well renowned financial magazine. 400000 readers each month. We deliver all wine related articles.

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Online wineschool in Norwegian for horeca market and private.

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Tasting notes system in Norwegian with focus on dynamic and quick reviews of wine.

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Sommelier - Winejournalist


Svein Lindin


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